11 Benefits Of Spirulina For Your Body Health.

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   Benefits of spirulina – You might think about the benefits of spirulina since everybody is claiming this is one of the best supplements ever. Spirulina can give you all that you need as long as you wish is for health and well-being. Let’s find out the benefits of spirulina and maybe this is just what you’re looking for:

Benefits Of Spirulina #1: Spirulina Modulates The Human Immune Response

   Spirulina has long been revered for the properties of the ability to strengthen the human immune system. It can and proven actively promotes the cell regeneration, and it helps wounds to heal quicker for children and adults, and makes recovery from certain illnesses occur faster. If you take spirulina in daily basis you are more likely to not experience any flu or colds and something like that too often compare with other people who never consume spirulina.  

Benefits Of Spirulina #2: Spirulina For Eye Health

   Spirulina is an excellent supplement to the one that want to improve their eye health. Spirulina is derived from blue-green algae and it is very rich in vitamin A, which is the vitamin for the eyes to perform the fullest. Compare to spirulina and the legendary carrots that known for vitamin Food, spirulina is ten times more having Vitamin A concentration than carrots.

Benefits Of Spirulina #3: Spirulina Reduces Inflammation And For Women’s Health

   Spirulina is one of the main sources of Gamma-linolenic acid or known as GLA, which is proven as one of the most powerful sources for anti-inflammatory properties in the health supplement. For women, gamma-linolenic is very useful to reduce the symptom of PMS. And for pregnant women, the spirulina is an excellent supplement that they can take at that time because it has 26 times more calcium than milk for their bones and also for the fetus.

Benefits Of Spirulina #4: Spirulina Helps To Improve The Digestive System

   Spirulina eases the passage of waste in our body through the digestive system and promoting healthy bacteria in that area too. So our body has a good digestive system and the same time we can improve our body to absorb more nutrients in our daily dietary.

Benefits Of Spirulina #5: Spirulina As The Natural Detox For Body

Spirulina also has a very high concentration of chlorophyll and chlorophyll is one of the most powerful detoxifying agents that nature can offer. It can remove toxin from the body through cleansing our blood. Chlorophyll can bind with any heavy metals and radioactive isotopes that can be found in the body so it is highly suggested for those who are undergoing radioactive therapy as their daily supplement.

Benefits Of Spirulina #6: Potentially Prevents Cancer

   Several studies have proven that Spirulina can arrest the development of cancer in the body and the cancer progression, it means spirulina can reduce the risk of cancer at the same time it can boost your immune system. For the one who is vegetarian, this is the great supplement for you because it provides you the goodness of protein without taking any source from animal product. The pigment for anticancer that found in spirulina is called phycocyanin.

Benefits Of Spirulina #7: Treatment Of Ulcers And Gastric

   Spirulina acts as a good treatment for a person who is suffering from gastric and duodenal ulcers. The amino acids, high protein content and cysteine that presence in the spirulina are the factor that can treat ulcers and gastric and it is also can restore a good digestion.

Benefits Of Spirulina #8: Beneficial During Pregnancy For Women

If a pregnant woman is diagnosed with anemia, this is a supplement that a pregnant woman can use to reduce the risk of anemia complication. It is very important to have a good HB level while pregnant for the use of the mother and the baby. It is also preventing constipation during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Spirulina #9: Skin Toner

   Spirulina has a high content of vitamin A, the vitamin B-12, the vitamin E, calcium content, iron and also phosphorus, which are all that your skin needs for the best skin condition. If you take spirulina in the regular basis, your skin looks even-toned, youthful and vital, and it is also removing the free radical that can make your skin look tired, limp and also flabby.

Benefits Of Spirulina #10: Anti-ageing Benefits:

   It has anti-aging benefits such as tyrosine, vitamin E or the tocopherol, and also selenium, which are known as for their anti-ageing effects. Tyrosine can slow down the ageing of skin cells and removing free radicals that cause the ageing in the skin. You can mix the spirulina with some water to make a face mask and use it for 20 minutes before you wash it off, and you can feel your skin become smooth and soft immediately and preventing ageing signs

Benefits Of Spirulina #11: Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

   If you want to get a healthy hair growth or speed the hair growth, you can use spirulina externally and apply it on your scalp and wash it. Is it also can be used as the ingredient in shampoos and conditioning treatment that can help hair to re-growth?

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