Shapeshifter Yoga Reviews Fat Burning Yoga

   Shapeshifter yoga – In recent years as I approach middle age, I have become more health conscious. In my twenties, thanks to my lucky gene, I could eat anything I want whenever I like and had never engaged in any exercises; still I maintained my slim figure and stayed reasonably fit. However, things had changed, and I needed to find a way to get my slim and healthy figure back while I was lamenting my flabby stomach and ballooning waistline. I was desperate, but I did not believe in all those miracle weight loss pills; I wanted to do it in natural and healthy way. I tried anything from the gym, yoga to pirates. However, as I had never engaged in proper exercise before, everything was too tough for me, and I did not last a week!


Then one day someone recommended me “Shapeshifter Yoga”. My first reaction was “Not another yoga please!” I had tried various styles of yoga, and each time, it became just torture for me. I was not flexible and wasn’t strong either, so each pose was so tough for me. I was always dreading the next class and eventually quit. My friend told me this yoga was different, so I decided to give it a go. There was nothing to lose anyway.


When I got home, I went straight to the online and looked through “Shapeshifter Yoga Reviews”. I found a lot of positive reviews there and that was encouraging. I checked the price and was pleasantly surprised at its affordable price. Moreover as they were offering introductory special offer it ended up even cheaper, actually much cheaper than yoga membership! On top of that, they offered four free gifts including follow along audio that I enjoyed listening while walking. They included some meditation audio as well. Moreover, there was some more, they offered an unconditional guarantee, so if I did not get the result I wanted, 100 % refund was guaranteed. So there was no excuse not to go on with it; I just purchased it straight away.

shapeshifter yoga reviews

Moreover, now I can happily report you, that I successfully got my slim and fit figure back and am feeling so good. What “Shapeshifter Yoga Reviews” said were all true, and I am so glad I went on with it.

 “Shapeshifter Yoga” is created by Kris Fondran, a yoga practitioner with over 10-year experience, marathon runner, and a master in exercise science. She combined traditional yoga with modern exercise science to make the practice more suitable for people with modern western lifestyle.

 shapeshifter yoga reviews fat burning yoga

The program comes with manual, video, audio and charts you can print so you can track your progress. None of the yoga poses are complicated and simple and easy to follow. You never feel sore or exhausted afterward, on the contrary, you feel energized and refreshed when you finish the practice. It is not torture yoga but energizing yoga! The way they produced it is so elegant and you can enjoy practicing.

 It certainly is effective to burn off your fat and increase your fitness level. Great thing is you do not go through that typical yoga over stretching pain, still after a while you find yourself getting more flexible and strong. I am so happy with my fit and slim figure and new found energized feeling, so I would recommend it to anyone who is after a healthy way of losing weight.